Thanks to its special composition it reduces acne and blackheads. It does not contain parabens or pa..
10.90 EUR 2.59 EUR
The special formulation with Tea tree oil reduces and prevents the formation of acne and blackheads...
14.90 EUR 4.50 EUR
Foam deeply cleans pores, removes excess grease from the skin without drying the skin and pleasantly..
14.90 EUR 4.50 EUR
Provides deep skin cleansing, removes excess grease without drying the skin, and comfortably cools N..
10.90 EUR 2.99 EUR
Hydroviton 24 cream, known for its 24-hour moisturizing properties, also contains a caffeine complex..
8.90 EUR 2.59 EUR
A cream containing the Hydroviton 24 complex, which is known for its 24-hour moisturizing properties..
12.90 EUR 2.59 EUR
The goal is to make the skin look healthier thanks to essential oils and a vitamin complex. The skin..
12.90 EUR 2.59 EUR
A special serum glycoprotein component, moisturizes eyelashes and eyebrows while promoting their gro..
13.90 EUR 2.19 EUR
Premium 100% carded cotton, dyed yarn. Prewashed, no shrinkage and no fading. Soft jacquard weaving ..
24.20 EUR
Pamper your skin with liquid soap relax. Provides hydration without drying, regenerates and does not..
7.90 EUR 2.60 EUR
Jersey tension bed sheet with sewn rubber.Jersey Bed sheet suitable mattress up to 20 cm.Made in Slo..
8.90 EUR
SUNFLOWER kitchen glove - perfectly protect your fingers and wrists, due to its size. It is equ..
3.99 EUR 2.60 EUR
Women's thermo T-shirt INTIMA women's thermo t-shirt with a hood is a classic style, slightly shaped..
24.20 EUR
Its light texture helps mask skin imperfections, making the face more natural and fresh. Provides a ..
8.90 EUR 2.90 EUR
SEDEF Fusya 140x220cm high quality cotton bedding made of 100% Ranforce Cotton with a unique design ..
33.00 EUR 26.50 EUR
SPLAT toothpaste Juicy Cherry 35ml regenerate and strengthen the tooth structure, effectively combat..
2.89 EUR
Women's T-shirt is slightly snug fit pattern RETRO. All thermal underwear from the RETRO collection ..
22.50 EUR
Satin bedding made of high quality densely woven 100% cotton satin with a weaving density of 220 thr..
155.20 EUR
Bamboo towel in a pleasant color and simple border.Quality towels composed of a mixture of 70% bambo..
8.00 EUR
Quality terry bath towel in single-color design made from 100% cotton, size 70x140cm. The towel abso..
10.90 EUR 6.30 EUR
The towel is woven from 100% cotton yarn. Thanks to the double-sided jacquard fabric, the softness a..
24.20 EUR
Cologne is characterized by a high proportion of alcohol, which also provides a strong disinfectant ..
6.90 EUR 1.99 EUR
All thermal underwear from the Classic collection is designed to be worn throughout the year, especi..
19.32 EUR
SAVO universal disinfecting spray 500ml - Universal spray disinfectant. It removes 99.9% of bacteria..
2.50 EUR
This e-shop originated in order to offer our customers a place to find products in a wide range of uses. Our aim is to offer you only the best quality goods from the verified manufacturers with whom we cooperate. You can find it from home textiles to household, personal hygiene and hobby goods and pets. Of course, we offer you the goods we produce in Slovakia - bedclothes, towels, pillows, blankets, mattresses and many others. In our offer we have the goods as accessories for bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, household and last but not least cosmetic goods for personal consumption. Every item in our e-shop is chosen as if we were buying it for our own consumption and therefore we choose each supplier. We do not try to offer "cheap things" at all costs, but things that add value to you, such as durability, quality, design, and last but not least, utility. In addition, we have prepared a quality blog on our e-shop, where we will always inform you about current products, their descriptions, etc., and we want to create this blog together with you. We believe that everyone will choose us on our e-shop and we will become part of your choice how and where to buy quality.
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New shipping prices and e-shop changes

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Slovak thermal underwear in our offer

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