For pregnant women and children

For pregnant women and children

We offer cosmetics designed for pregnant women and children of the highest quality. Choose from our range of oils, creams, shower creams and various products for pregnant women and children. Choose the one your in our e-shop to Vantu.

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Almond oil

Almond oil is suitable for all skin types, its composition is closest to the film of human skin and ..

4.90 EUR

Beautiful Belly - regenerative oil against stretch marks

Regular coating will prevent the skin from drying out, so the equipment of the needles should not mi..

12.90 EUR

Gentle caress - zinc balm against sore spots

Gentle Stroke Balm is ideal for baby skin care and protection in places where there is a risk of sca..

8.90 EUR

Muscle relaxation - aromatherapy massage oil

Massage oil for muscle relaxation especially after exercise and physical exertion. It contains organ..

7.90 EUR

Organic apricot oil

High quality apricot oil (cold pressed, unrefined, organic quality) is obtained from apricot kernels..

7.70 EUR

Rosehip oil organic

High quality rosehip oil (cold pressed, unrefined, in organic quality) with soft pink-gold color and..

11.50 EUR

Smooth legs - regenerative balm

Are you worried about the ever-dry, rough feet and cracked heels? The solution offers a regenerating..

8.90 EUR

Sweet Dreams - aromatherapy massage oil

This massage oil is best suited for bedtime massage. The combination of organic essential oils - lav..

7.90 EUR
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