Body and Massage oils Kvitok

Body and Massage oils Kvitok

Give your body quality care and a fresh feeling with body and massage oils from our offer. Relieve your stress, spin with cellulite, relax your muscles, or detoxify your body. Choose from Kvitok brand, a purely natural cosmetics made in Slovakia.

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Anti Mosquito - repellent body oil

Anti Mosquito repellent oil is ideal for holidays, sitting by the fireplace or walking in the woods...

7.90 EUR

Beautiful Belly - regenerative oil against stretch marks

Regular coating will prevent the skin from drying out, so the equipment of the needles should not mi..

12.90 EUR

Deep Detox - anti-cellulite massage oil

Massage oil contains a mixture of almond, sunflower and macadamia oil with macerate of marigold flow..

9.90 EUR

Energy tide - aromatherapy massage oil

The stimulating combination of fresh mint and eucalyptus has a refreshing and cooling effect, starts..

7.90 EUR

Muscle relaxation - aromatherapy massage oil

Massage oil for muscle relaxation especially after exercise and physical exertion. It contains organ..

7.90 EUR

SENSES Fruity Body Oil

Escape into a world of fantasy and fun with the playful fragrance of the Fruity collection. The fres..

15.90 EUR

SENSES Glamorous Body Oil

The harmony of the delicate floral fragrances of the Glamorous collection enhances femininity and se..

15.90 EUR

Sun touch - soothing oil after sunbathing

Summer is here and with it warm sunrays, which will warm our skin pleasantly. But did you stay a lit..

7.90 EUR

Sweet Dreams - aromatherapy massage oil

This massage oil is best suited for bedtime massage. The combination of organic essential oils - lav..

7.90 EUR
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