Night face creams and serums Kvitok

Night face creams and serums Kvitok

The skin regenerates during the night. Nourishing night creams and sera support the regeneration and revitalization of the skin and help maintain the necessary moisture in the skin during the night. Choose from our range of quality face creams brand Kvitok made in Slovakia.

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Anti-aging Night Serum for Mature Skin (30+) roll-on

You have 30, your skin loses elasticity and wrinkles? Anti-aging serum delivers the right charge of ..

8.90 EUR

Anti-aging Night Serum with Q10 for Mature Skin (40+) roll-on

For skin after 40th, where wrinkles are already visible and the skin needs special care, we have pre..

8.90 EUR

Anti-aging Q10 Night Balm for Mature Skin (50+)

Nourishing night anti-aging balm is suitable for the older age group, 50+ and provides the skin with..

14.90 EUR

Apricot Cream for Dry / Sensitive Skin - nightly

Irritated, reddened and sensitive skin with dry scaly spots until about 30 years of age needs specia..

16.90 EUR

Argan Cream for Mature Skin (Age 30+) - nightly

After 30, the skin no longer has elasticity, so it needs a balanced care that helps keep the skin hy..

16.90 EUR

Balancing Night Serum For Oily / Problematic Skin - Roll-On

Do you have oily, glistening skin with large pores and frequent rashes? A balanced blend of high-qua..

8.90 EUR

Hemp Cream For Oily / Problematic Skin - nightly

Balancing Night Cream is created especially for the needs of problematic skin (up to the age of 30 y..

16.90 EUR

Night eye serum with Gink and Q10 - roll-on

Serum containing coenzyme Q10 and ginkgo extract is intended for gentle care of sensitive skin in th..

9.90 EUR

Nourishing Night Serum For Dry / Sensitive Skin - Roll-On

Irritation, redness, burning, itching, pinching, tension… Do you know that too? Forget these symptom..

8.90 EUR

Plum Cream for Mature Skin (50+) - nightly

Loss of elasticity, dry, sensitive, rough skin and pigmented spots are the main characteristics of t..

18.90 EUR

Raspberry Cream for Mature Skin (40+) - nightly

In the 40's, cell regeneration slows down, the skin loses hydration, and the collagen fibers degrade..

17.90 EUR
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