Kitchen utensils

Kitchen utensils
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2200 ml Mixer Bowl with Lid

Plastic mixing bowl with a volume of 2200ml with lid closure.The lid closure has an opening through ..

6.00 EUR

Microwave cover 26 cm

The microwave cover is an indispensable tool for heating / cooking microwave dishes.Reduces heating ..

1.80 EUR

Stainless bowl 24 cm

Stainless dish bowl with a diameter of 24 cm, approximate bowl volume is 2.5 liters.The bowl is suit..

3.30 EUR

Stainless bowl 26cm

Stainless steel bowl with a diameter of 26cm, approximate volume of the dish is 3.5 liters.The bowl ..

3.60 EUR

Stainless bowl 28 cm

A stainless steel dish with a diameter of 28cm, an approximate bowl volume of 5 liters.The bowl is s..

4.00 EUR

1500 ml plastic measuring cup

Classic plastic measuring cup with handle.Volume: 1500mlThe product contains no unhealthy and danger..

2.00 EUR

Plastic bowl with lid 7 lt

Plastic bowl with 7-liter lid closure.The bowl is suitable for both microwave and dishwasher.The pro..

7.00 EUR
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