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About Us

Welcome to the website of our e-shop Vantu.

Our company Dened s.r.o. We founded in 2018. It is a family company under which we have operated this new e-shop for you, in which we want to make available our many years of experience and offer you goods from our production, represented by the Dened brand, and then from the production of companies with which we have been cooperating for a long time and therefore we value their quality and seriousness. Our intention was to create a quality team of people who worked in various companies that managed various e-shops and offer you our experience in offering goods that you can buy from us.
Our philosophy is to save you time and choose for you quality goods with various possibilities of use, which you can see in the peace and comfort of home and possibly buy.
The e-shop is open for you 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, whether it is buyers, designers, photographers, tailors, or just employees who pack the goods for you and take care of the trouble-free processing of your order, they do it as if they had ordered it themselves, or watched it and, last but not least, used these goods.
One of our priorities is to offer you goods that we produce in Slovakia, or come from manufacturers in Slovakia, the Czech Republic. We are not going the way where the manufacturer repackages the goods and then declares that they are goods made in Slovakia. In our case, if the product written is made in Slovakia, made in the Czech Republic, it is really a goods that are physically made in Slovakia, the Czech Republic, either under our direction or at our verified suppliers. In addition, we support companies that produce part of their production in "sheltered workshops" and thus help their workers who have some physical or other disability.

We are not infallible and therefore, if a mistake is found, we welcome your response or suggestion for improvement in any area. If you have comments, for example, on the design of the e-shop, any function in the e-shop, goods, services, write to us and we will try to incorporate or improve them. In addition, we have prepared a separate blog in the e-shop, where we will try to bring you closer to our work, brands, products, but also simple articles on the operation of the e-shop itself, which is interactive, so you can get involved with direct questions, recommendations, or you will be able to create a blog with ideas for which you used the products purchased from us.

The operator of the Vantu e-shop is the company Dened s.r.o., with its registered office at Harangovská 403/8, Sečovská Polianka 09414. IČO: 51972948.
The business address of the company is: Dened s.r.o., Harangovská 403/8, Sečovská Polianka 09414. If you have any questions, you will find all the necessary contacts on our Contact page.

We wish you pleasant shopping and satisfaction with the goods we offer.