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23 Nov SILVER quality shoe care
Jozef 0 3783
Beautiful shoes deserve proper care, ideally the best. That is why you will find Silver products in our offer.SILVER sells products to customers in 65 countries, while constantly increasing its presence on all continents of the world. Product formula..
17 Oct Try our blankets on cold evenings.
Jozef 0 1715
As cold days and nights come, you too will like to reach for a warm and comfortable blanket. This is the perfect time to make tea and wrap yourself in a beautiful and soft blanket. We have prepared for you a few lines dedicated to blankets, which you..
25 Mar Bed linen care
Jozef 0 10101
Bed linen, like any other linen, needs regular care. The need for care depends, of course, on the individual requirements of each of us. So how do you wash, iron, dry or otherwise maintain your bedding? We have a few tips for you in the following lin..
16 Feb We choose towels, bath towels
Jozef 0 1674
Did your towels serve you? Are you looking for new quality towels, or would you prefer a change? We have prepared a few lines dedicated to this issue to help you with your selection or purchase.Towels are an everyday part of our lives. We use them ev..
01 Feb Slovak hand-woven carpets.
Jozef 0 17520
Carpet weaving has been translated in our country for several generations, which is also reflected in their quality. After all, who could make better woven rugs for you than women who have been weaving since their childhood?All woven carpets we offer..
16 Jan Coupons, points how to use them?
Jozef 0 24311
You have a coupon, voucher, loyalty points collected from our e-shop and you do not know how to use them, or you do not know what the difference is in them. In this article on Vantu, we will explain the difference today, as well as the procedures for..
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