Are you looking for a practical gift and can't decide? We have a solution for you - a Vantu gift voucher. In this blog we will explain how they work and how to use them in our e-shop.

Each of us is once faced with the dilemma of what to choose as a suitable gift for someone for a different occasion. It is not always easy to think and choose. That is why we have prepared an opportunity for you to buy a gift voucher in our e-shop and, as they say, "kill 2 flies with one blow" :-)

You will find gift vouchers under a separate link - Gift Vouchers. It is a page intended only for the purchase of this product in our e-shop and their purchase is quite simple. It should be noted at the outset that the value of a voucher that can be purchased is set at between € 10 and € 250 per voucher. For customers in the Czech Republic and customers paying in Czech crowns, this amount is the same as the difference that it is automatically converted at the current Euro - Czech koruna exchange rate, according to the valid exchange rate according to the European Central Bank valid for that day. The customer's system will not release up to a value that would be outside the specified range of 10 - 250 €.

When purchasing this voucher, just follow the individual fields as follows:

1. Recipient's name: as the buyer, enter the name of the person for whom you are purchasing this gift voucher. We recommend the full name, as in this case the name will also be displayed in the form of an email for the person when contacted.

2. Recipient's email: enter the classic email of the recipient. The recipient will receive a gift email with a voucher with a unique code, which he / she can then use to purchase in our e-shop. We recommend that you check your email so that you do not enter the wrong email or the wrong email address to which this email would later go, so you inadvertently presented someone else (the named one will be pleased, but you probably won't :-) ).

Our advice is that if you are not sure about the email of the person for whom this voucher is intended, or for some reason does not have the email in question, for example, you should write your email there. This way, the gift voucher with the unique code will come to your email, which you can easily print and donate later with the code.

3. Your name: the name of the buyer gift voucher. We recommend your full name, as in this case your name will also appear in the form of an email to the person as the person who donated the gift.

4. Your email: your email that will receive confirmation notifications about the processing of your gift voucher.

5. Voucher template: We currently have five templates available for different occasions - for birthdays, name days, anniversaries, for joy, and for Christmas. Choose the one that best suits your purpose. If none of our templates suits you, just contact us at our contact and we will create the template for you :-).

6. Message: It is a place where you can write your dedication, wishes, or other text that will be emailed to the person for whom this gift voucher is intended. The report is not mandatory, it is up to you to decide whether to use this option. If so, it will appear in the email.

7. Amount: the value that the gift certificate should have. As mentioned above, the amount is from 10 - 250 €.

If you have completed these steps, as a customer, you must agree to the terms that these vouchers cannot be exchanged for cash and that the voucher purchased in this way cannot be returned or canceled. To do this, you must "check" the appropriate box. Subsequently, all you have to do is confirm the gift voucher filled in in this way. After successful confirmation, you will see an e-shop message that everything is fine with the following information: Thank you for purchasing a Vantu gift voucher! The gift voucher will be sent to the recipient to the email you entered after payment of your order with information on how to use this voucher. Gift vouchers can only be paid for via bank transfer or online payment GoPay.

You continue with the steps via the "Continue" button and this way the e-shop redirects you to the shopping cart, where you are already proceeding classically, as if you were buying ordinary goods. You will go to the checkout, where you will fill in the order data as in the classic purchase in the e-shop. The only difference is that gift vouchers can only be paid by bank transfer or by online payment through the secure payment gateway GoPay.

After successfully sending the order, you will receive an email with your order as in a classic purchase, and a gift voucher with a unique code for a specific order will be automatically created in our system. The voucher is not yet active, as we will confirm it to me only after a successfully received payment. As soon as the payment for the voucher in question appears in our system, the system registers it and automatically pairs it. Subsequently, to the e-mail address entered by the person for whom the voucher is intended, it will send an e-mail with a template and any text (if you entered it when creating it) and a unique code to purchase in our e-shop for a specific amount of gift voucher.

The procedure for using the voucher is then quite simple. Once the person in question decides to buy in our e-shop and use this voucher, he proceeds exactly as in a regular purchase up to the checkout step. At the cash register, when entering data for the Coupon / Voucher / Points field, enter its code in the appropriate "enter gift voucher code" field and the system will automatically recalculate the value of his purchase, ie deduct the relevant amount from his order.

This is a short description of the procedure for purchasing via a gift voucher.

It is important to realize at the outset that the voucher is a one-time voucher and cannot be used repeatedly! The unique code is only for a one-time purchase, so it is important to consider the value of this voucher at the beginning so that its full value can be used. It is not possible to divide the amount from a voucher, for example, € 50 into two purchases worth € 30 and € 20! The system will not allow such a purchase, as the one-time code can only be used once.

We believe that this novelty in our e-shop will make your shopping more pleasant and sometimes even simplify your dilemma :-).

If you have any questions about using this service, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer them.