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You can choose from a wide range of quality home furnishings. One of our items is SAVOY satin bedding from Issimo Home. In this short blog we will introduce and briefly describe it, and at the end of this blog we will introduce a short video where you can watch them from close.


Satin linen is one of the best selling items in our offer. They have gained popularity thanks to quality materials and quality of workmanship as well as their durability. Bedding SAVOY is one of our best-selling products.

Savoy satin linen is a design with a motif of ornaments that is portrayed as Issimo Home is an art style custom. The sheets are made in positive / negative style. On one side, the bedding is in an ornament design, with a predominant dark blue color that is combined with brown and turquoise in a darker shade. On the other hand, the covers are in monochromatic turquoise. A blanket cover and a pillow cover are made in this style. The linen is equipped with a zipper. The package thus includes 1 blanket for the cover size 140x200cm and 1 pillowcover size 70x90cm.

The material of the linen is 100% cotton satin with a weaving density of 200 threads per inch. The method of applying the pattern to the linen is rotary and panel printing. When caring for the linen, it is necessary to keep the maximum washing temperature of 40 ° C, iron at the maximum temperature of the ironing board 150 ° C, linen must not be bleached or dried in a tumble dryer. The linen can be professionally cleaned in carbon tetrachlorethylene and all solvents indicated for symbol F in a normal procedure.



We have a wide range of satin linen and SAVOY linen is one of them. In case you prefer another material, so we definitely choose from our offer of quality bedding. Of course, you will also find different sails, whether jersey, terry, satin, or waterproof. We also offer quilts, pillows, blankets and various home furnishings, so we will definitely choose everyone, just choose on Vantu.

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