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Looking for towels, bath towels, bathroom rugs, bathrobes to match your bathroom? Do you expect quality and a luxurious look? So in this blog to Vantu, we introduce towels, bath towels and other textiles for the home series from Valencia to Issimo Home.



The bathroom currently belongs to one of the busiest spaces in every home. Therefore, the highest quality demands are placed on products intended for bathing. Last but not least, each of us puts great demands on the fact that he also harmonizes his bathroom according to his ideas so that it works naturally and exceptionally. There are many options to buy towels, bath towels, bath mats, or bathrobes from the cheapest to the luxury, but few where you can find products that would be sold in whole sera to meet those needs. Issimo Home offers exactly what you are looking for in Valencia.

Issimo Home holds a line of comprehensive series in designing and manufacturing, with which each of us can create his own space exactly to his liking. You can find products made of 100% organic cotton, bamboo and cotton blends, but also other unusual materials.

For example, in our Valencia series you will find towels and bath towels in the dimensions of 30x50cm, 50x90cm, 70x140cm, 90x150cm, ready-made bathroom rugs 50x80cm and last but not least women's bathrobes Valencia and men's Alpine bathrobes. All this made from 60% bamboo and 40% cotton blends in unique colors and quality, provided by Issimo Home. In addition, you will also find bedspreads of the same material and in the same design in sizes 160x240cm and 220x240cm.

Towels, bath towels from the Valencia series are characterized by proven quality and luxury thanks to the material used. In the menu you will find a variety of colors and sizes that you can combine exactly to your liking. In addition, you will also find Valencia swings, which are new to Slovakia in terms of material, as their appearance matches the towels. We even saw that our customers use them as big blankets in this summer weather when they go to water or vacation.

The bathroom mats are also matched in the Valencia series and are made of the same material and are pleasing and soft to the touch, unlike the rugs made with polyester. A separate chapter is the larger sized bathroom rugs made of 100% cotton from our offer, whose quality is unrivaled and by their appearance we would rather call them bathroom rugs. Designed with accent on quality and quality, they deliver the unique design of each bathroom.

Finally, we kept women's and men's bathrobes from Issimo Home, which many of our customers buy as a gift. Ladies and bathrobes from the Valencia series for ladies and gentlemen are made of a blend of bamboo and cotton, so they are pleasant to the touch and their quality ensures long-term use, and you can also combine these products with towels and towels and maintain a unified bathroom design.



All bathroom products are easy to maintain and made to serve their users as long as possible with the quality materials they use. So choose the right size and color of towels and towels, combine it with bathroom rugs, hang women's, men's or baby bath robes, or give someone a high-quality bedspreads from our Issimo Home offer on Vantu.

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