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Toilet paper

Toilet paper is perhaps one of the most basic hygiene needs. Choose from our offer the one that suits you from basic to wet toilet paper. All hygiene items in your home. Your favorite drugstore in one place.

Brand: Katrin
Two-layer white toilet paper of classic class. Reel 23.4 m, 200 fragments. Price for 8 pcs.The colors may vary slightly depending on the settings of your device...
2.44 €
Ex Tax:2.03 €
Brand: Katrin
Three-layer luxury toilet paper designed especially for hotels and luxury facilities. Reel 17.25 m, 150 fragments.Thanks to 3 layers, it is not only soft, but also reliable. The product is dermatologically tested.The colors may vary slightly depending on the settings of your device...
2.88 €
Ex Tax:2.40 €
TENTO Sensitive Coconut Milk 3-layer toilet paper 8 pcs
Made in Slovakia
Brand: Tento
This Sensitive Coconut Milk is a white toilet paper of the highest quality with a delicate scent, enriched with coconut milk, thanks to which it is soft and pleasant to the touch. Thanks to 3 layers of paper made with the new Soft Pillow TechnologyTM, this toilet paper ensures maximum comfort and ex..
2.90 €
Ex Tax:2.42 €
Brand: Linteo
Wet toilet paper Linteo with lactic acid. Thanks to the lactic acid content, it maintains a balanced pH in intimate areas. Contains panthenol, soothes and hydrates. Aloe vera contributes to the care of sensitive skin. It will give you a feeling of cleanliness and freshness both at home and on the go..
1.88 €
Ex Tax:1.57 €
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