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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the necessary documents for download in pdf format. In case of your complaint, please prefer our online form, which can be found at the bottom of our store. If you still require a "paper form" of the complaint, then these forms are used for this purpose. Just choose your language version of the form.

1. Terms and Conditions

2. Instruction to withdraw from the contract

3. Withdrawal from the contract (form)

4. Complaint form (Slovak version)

5. Complaint form (Czech version)

6. Complaint form (English version)

7. Complaint form (German version)

Within Slovakia, you have free shipping and delivery if the amount of your order exceeds € 60 without shipping, provided that the weight of such an order does not exceed 40 kg. When you make a purchase, you see the weight of your order for the purchased goods in the basket. For example, if the weight of such an order is 15 kg, but your purchase exceeds the amount of 60 €, the system will automatically set the option of transport - free delivery, which you can then mark or select and we will deliver the goods to you free of charge. If you have a purchase worth more than € 60, but the weight in the basket is higher than 40 kg, free delivery is not possible. Therefore, we have set up the system so that if such a weight is exceeded, even though the order has a higher value than 60 €, it will offer you a better price for transport than would be standard. You will receive free shipping automatically even if your purchase contains goods from the category of orthopedic mattresses. Current transport prices can be found in our e-shop below in the links.

As a purchasing customer, you do not need an account in our e-shop to create an order. Buy easily as an unregistered customer.

Yes. You can easily register with us in the e-shop and get many benefits as a registered customer. You can register separately, ie without a purchase, or you can register in one step with your eventual order. As a registered customer, you have a number of benefits at your disposal, such as points for purchases, tracking the complete history of your account, or you are entitled to some of our promotions and the like.

In our e-shop you can use several payment options for purchases. From the classic cash on delivery payment, you can also pay your payment by bank transfer (payments in Euro, as well as payments in the Czech crown) to our company's account, you can also use online payment through a secure payment gateway GoPay (simply via ATM card, instant payments, Google Pay, etc.). Another option is to pay for your purchase, for example through collected points (as a registered customer), use payment with gift vouchers or various coupons.

Within the e-shop, we provide standard modes of transport, such as transport by courier, delivery to post offices, delivery to collection points of the Packeta, as well as the possibility to pick up the goods in person at our branch. We deliver shipments to countries outside Slovakia and the Czech Republic exclusively by courier.

We ship orders daily as standard, except on days off and weekends. Goods that are in stock are shipped on the day of receipt of the order, or the next day. If there is goods in the order that we need to sew, produce the shipping time is shifted. Usually for the goods we have to produce, the production time is 2-3 days from the delivery of the order. Subsequently, the goods are sent according to the order in the order. If there are any problems with production or delivery, we inform the customer about the delivery date.

In the event of a complaint about the goods, the customer will use our online complaint form. You can find it at the bottom of our e-shop. This is the fastest way to resolve your complaint. Just list the individual items in the form and the system will automatically assign your complaint number after sending. The customer will be automatically informed by email about the submission of the complaint, as well as about the individual states of resolving any complaints. Send any claimed goods to the company address: Dened s.r.o., Harangovská 403/8, 09414 Sečovská Polianka, Slovakia.

Another possibility of filing a complaint is a complaint via a printed form. You can also find the necessary documents for download on our link under questions and answers - documents, downloadable forms.

You can also submit a complaint simply by e-mail with the necessary data to identify your order, but as a company we prefer the online form, due to the procedural steps associated with the complaint. If you have any questions do not hesitate to contact us through our contacts.

As part of our services, we allow you to sew, produce a different dimension than we currently offer for the goods you require. In this case, feel free to contact us and we will try to meet your request. Of course, our possibilities of individual sewing, production depend on the item, the goods you are interested in. It is not possible to produce exactly the type of goods offered as you would require. Therefore, we will be happy to advise you on this and, if there is a possibility, we will produce the product according to your requirements. However, it should be noted that in the event of production on request, we require payment in advance to the account of our company. We will be happy to explain all this, as well as the procedure, to you with such a request.

We send the goods to the whole of Europe within our e-shop. If you did not find the country in which you are located when creating your order, please contact us and we will add it there together with transport options and prices for individual transport.

Payment details for payment via bank transfer:

Customers paying in Euro €:

Banka Slovenská sporiteľňa a.s., IBAN account number: SK05 0900 0000 0051 5176 3809, account number: 51 5176 3809/0900,, Swift code: GIBASKBX

Customers paying in Czech crown (CZK) and customers in Czech Republic:

Banka FIO Banka a.s., Account number IBAN: SK54 8330 0000 0028 0154 1869, Account number: 28 0154 1869/2010, Swift code: FIOZSKBA

Enter your order number as a variable symbol.

In our e-shop you will meet the term "we sew 2-3 days", "we make 2-3 days" and you often ask us what it means. Basically, the point is that as an e-shop we offer goods that are also physically produced in our branches or are from Slovakia. Wherever we have "made in Slovakia", this product is actually made in Slovakia in our companies or close to us. If you meet the stated deadline, it actually means that at the moment this product does not have to be manufactured or in stock in our stock. Therefore, in the case of your order, we need to produce this product, which usually takes some time. Only then will these goods be shipped to you according to the order in your order. There may also be a situation where we will not have any part of the material in stock for the production of a product, so in this case we will contact the customer with the approximate delivery date of his ordered product.

For each product that is made in Slovakia, we inform the customer with a small banner and description in the product. These products are actually made in Slovakia and there is no "repackaging" or "gluing" and similar practices. We produce some products ourselves, some companies close to us and we sell other products in this category on the basis of our good contacts to Slovak companies. It must be said that at present some material items needed for the production of a product in Slovakia are no longer produced as a basic raw material, but only abroad (for example, linen fabrics), so we buy this item from abroad. Mostly from the Czech Republic or Poland, where this production has been preserved. However, complete sewing, cutting, etc. is already taking place in our branches, companies in Slovakia. As an e-shop, we make sure that it stays that way and can continue to offer you products from our production and the production of companies from Slovakia. A certain part of the products from our offer is also produced directly by people in sheltered workshops and workplaces, so we try to support this market segment as well. We believe that you will be satisfied with our products and will remain faithful to us in the future.