Cosmetics for animals

Cosmetics for animals

We offer a range of cosmetics for dogs and cats, which we are constantly expanding. Our home care cosmetics offer hair, eye and ear care products, or a variety of accessories such as combs, brushes, ticks, diapers and much more.

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Bags for excrement 20x27cm

Plastic pockets for excrements in size 20x27cm in package 50pcs.Warning: Not for food!The colors may..

1.30 EUR

PET BENEFIT dry shampoo set

Set "Dry bath" is the perfect helper in the care of pets. Ideal for cleaning and disinfecting the ha..

4.99 EUR

PET BENEFIT wet cloths 12 pcs

Wet wipes specially designed for the daily care of your pet's coat.Warning: Use only on animals. Kee..

3.00 EUR
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