Cat granules

Cat granules

We offer a wide selection of cat food granules in excellent quality made in Slovakia with the best ingredients and excellent price. Feel free to try out collagen for dogs and cats to support articular shells, cartilage and connective tissue. Give your pets happy belly. Each cat has its own specific characteristics and not the same taste of granules, so we have a variety of granules to suit all your requirements. Granules for cats of all breeds, small and large. The best on e-shop Vantu.

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COLLAGEN for dogs and cats 100g

Hydrolysed collagen is a highly digestible and fully usable protein for dogs and cats that is common..

10.00 €

OK CAT complete food for cats 1kg with salmon

Warning: Feed is always made from fresh food and without chemical preservatives! In case of your ord..

3.75 € 2.88 €
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