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Mattress BAMBINO

High quality mattresses designed for baby cots. It has a removable, waterproof, breathable coating (..

79.00 EUR

Mattress ESET

High quality sandwich mattress with SONNOCEL core sandwich core with excellent elastic so-called " c..

291.00 EUR

Mattress JUPITER

Orthopedic mattress suitable for all age groups. Fully adapts to your body while keeping your spine ..

155.00 EUR

Mattress MERCURY

High-quality mattresses, the core of which consists of a combination of "SONNOCEL 30" and "SONNOCEL ..

189.00 EUR

Mattress PLUTO

Luxurious 3-zone orthopedic mattress with a 4 cm thick "SONNOCEL visco memory" carrier layer that ef..

245.00 EUR

Mattress SATURN

Orthopedic mattress for normal use that can be perfectly adapted to your body. During sleep, it keep..

114.00 EUR

Mattress URANUS

Luxurious orthopedic mattress with 3 anatomical zones. The core consists of SONNOCEL 30, 35, 40 (rei..

295.00 EUR

Mattress VENUS

Luxurious mattress made of two SONNOCEL 28/35 core with different hardnesses with transverse and lon..

245.00 EUR
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