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BIOMED Biocomplex toothpaste for fresh breath

Organic refreshing BIOMED BIOCOMPLEX toothpaste with sage and cedar oil and a rich herbal extract pr..

3.49 EUR

BIOMED Calcimax toothpaste

Organic toothpaste BIOMED CALCIMAX containing active enhancement natural ingredients calcium hydroxy..

3.49 EUR

BIOMED Charcoal toothpaste

Organic toothpaste BIOMED CHARCOAL contains 3 types of charcoal: bamboo, active black coal and charc..

3.49 EUR

BIOMED Propoline toothpaste

Organic toothpaste BIOMED PROPOLINE contains propolis, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory..

3.49 EUR

BIOMED Sensitive toothpaste

Organic BIOMED SENSITIVE toothpaste with red grain extract protects against tooth decay and promotes..

3.49 EUR

BIOMED Superwhite toothpaste with Coconut

Gentle whiteningFluoride-free, vegan-friendly98%+ naturalFree from: fluoride, chlorhexidine, triclos..

3.49 EUR

SPLAT Biocalcium whitening toothpaste 100ml

Toothpaste Splat BIOCALCIUM for tooth enamel renewal and gentle bleaching.This complex toothpaste is..

3.99 EUR

SPLAT Lavendersept toothpaste 100ml

For healthy gums and complex dental care. An effective complex toothpaste with essential oil of lave..

3.99 EUR

SPLAT Medical Herbs toothpaste 100ml

Emerald Green, gel toothpaste, contains extracts from healing herbs, medicinal plants, and Geranium ..

3.99 EUR

SPLAT Ultracomplex toothpaste 100ml

Multi-active toothpaste for complex care that gently whitens sensitive teeth and effectively protect..

3.99 EUR

SPLAT White Plus whitening toothpaste 100ml

Effective multi-purpose toothpaste, ideal for lovers of coffee, tea and smokers. Bleaching effect of..

3.99 EUR
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