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Toppers, Correctors, Washers

Our top mattresses adapt perfectly and are shaped according to your figure. They repair uneven surfaces and help you sleep peacefully. They are comfortable, light and portable. Top mattresses (additional mattresses) made of memory foam for your old mattress. Suitable as a mattress pad - for a couch, extra bed or cottage. The foam mattress pad with a soft massage profile is a comfortable, practical and hygienic accessory for healthy sleep.

ATLAS topper, mattress pad
Made in Slovakia Pre Order
Brand: Dormisan
Topper Atlas with core VISCO MEMORY SONNOCEL 45 kg / m3 ensures a pleasant sleep. SILVER PROTECT reduces and blocks the formation of bacteria and eliminates mites. The 6 cm thick 4 cm VISCO MEMORY SONNOCEL core topper 45 kg / m3 adapts perfectly to the shape of your body and provides support while a..
149.00 €
Ex Tax:124.17 €
MAIA topper, mattress pad
Hot Made in Slovakia Pre Order
Brand: Dormisan
Maia Topper ... softness, stimulation and blood circulation in one ... welnes in your home. Double-sided 9 cm topper with different features on each side. On one side orthopedic massage (4/2 massage knobs from Sonnocel 30 kg / m3) ensures aeration by micro-massage surface profiling. On the other han..
169.00 €
Ex Tax:140.83 €
VEGA topper, mattress pad
Made in Slovakia Pre Order
Brand: Dormisan
The profiled surface with topper massage studs (6/4) helps to stimulate and improve blood circulation in the skin. Topper VEGA is a great alternative for those who want to improve their uncomfortable bed, couch, but also a suitable teraupetic device for long-term patients, but also for small childre..
109.00 €
Ex Tax:90.83 €
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