ORTHOPET - mattress for dogs and cats

ORTHOPET - mattress for dogs and cats

Quality health mattress, dog and cat beds! Top Pet Care!

ORTHOPET is practical, lightweight, breathable, non-slip, so it can easily be put in places where your little friends like to relax, whether they are kennels, baskets, divans, beds, floors of any type, garden and even in the car. It is also water resistant with zip and washable at 60 ° C.

We all know that our best friends have diseases and health problems, the most common of which are: arthritis, arthrosis, blood circulation problems, fleas, allergies ... that have long been damaging the health of your animal friends. ORTHOPET, an innovative mattress designed to rest dogs and cats, is now possible to prevent and combat these problems. The high quality of the materials used, such as SONNOCEL VISCO MEMORY, merino wool and silver-fiber fabric, provide the mattress with excellent hygienic and health properties.

Coating fabric SILVER:

ANTIMICROBIAL kills bacteria such as Staphylococcus aureus and Klebsiella Pneumonite.

ANTISTATIC / DISTRIBUTOR Special, highly conductive fiber dissipates electrical charges produced and accumulated by the environment.

NATURAL It is 100% natural, non-toxic and free of chemicals.

THERMO-REGULATORY Due to its excellent electrical conductivity properties it dissipates excess heat. Warm in winter and fresh in summer.

EMBLIMATING protects the organism from static energy absorption, electromagnetic fields and UVA rays.

DURABLE Its extraordinary structure makes it stable both over time and after numerous washes.

WITH LONG LIFE Due to its special structure, it does not change quality over time.

COVER Removable with a zipper on the side.

CLEANING Washable by hand or in a washing machine.

Does not absorb water The coating is waterproof as it is teflon-coated.

SCRATCH RESISTANT due to strong fiber warp structure.

As you care about your health and your comfort, you should not forget the health and comfort of your loyal friends at the same time. We offer you Orthopet, a health mattress designed and designed specifically for your dogs and cats. Suitable and adaptable to any location due to different dimensions, colors and practicality due to anti-slip bottom, this product has special hygienic health properties, is actually made of the best materials, all ecological, non-toxic and antiallergic. Fully removable and washable. The beneficial effect of Orthopet is further enhanced by two special products: fabric and magnetic strips. Fabric with 6% silver fiber, which with its properties creates an ideal place for a restful rest of our little friends. The qualities of silver are innumerable: ANTISTATIC / DISTRIBUTIVE-ANTIMICROBIAL-THERMOREGULATORY-EMISSIONS-NATURAL-STILLS. Orthopet's beneficial effect is also enhanced by the presence of special magnetic strips that improve the quality of rest. Thanks to this, the healing power of the magnetic field, better known as MAGNETOTHERAPY, is used. Also used in hospitals, this remedy is one of the oldest and most tested biophysical treatment systems known in the Etruscans and in ancient China. It improves blood circulation to facilitate metabolism and helps the immune system in a natural way. The main effects of magnetotherapy include: accelerating cell renewal and healing processes, its anti-inflammatory effect, improving blood flow to blood vessels, blood flow to tissues, stabilizing blood pressure, stimulating growth and bone formation, relieving joint and muscle pain and eliminating swelling.

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