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Cats treats

Great treats and delicacies for sweet cat tongues. Various dried meat, dental cleaning sticks and much more. Just choose in our e-shop.

COLLAGEN for dogs and cats 100 gram
Made in Slovakia
Brand: Biofer
Hydrolyzed collagen is a highly digestible and fully usable protein for dogs and cats, which is commonly found in connective tissue and bone. Collagen is a suitable nutritional supplement for adult dogs and dog or cat seniors. It is used to prevent movement problems or when there is an increased ris..
12.00 €
Ex Tax:10.00 €
Brand: Katrinex
Thanks to the production of gentle hot air drying technology, 100% natural quality and taste without additional preservatives is achieved. It contains a high and valuable amount of protein.The colors may vary slightly depending on the settings of your device...
1.49 €
Ex Tax:1.24 €
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